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Just a quick note about Rebranding.

I know it has been a while since QnC has created something new. Currently, all products have been retired in ...
Cinco De Mayo Dress

QnC Cinco De Mayo Dress 2015 Gift!

This Cinco De Mayo Dress is a free gift, and you don't have to be in the group to get ...
QnC Carmen Full Pack

QnC Carmen Full Pack

Thank you for considering QnC. In this package you will find: Read Me Notecard Promo Image Landmark to QnC Carmen ...
Carmen 30 day and under gift

Carmen – 30 Day and Under Gift

This is a lite version of the Carmen Package. You must be in SL for 30 days or less to ...
March 2015 Group Gift

March 2015 Group Gift!

I know it's the last day of March, but better late than never!! GROUP GIFT TIME!!! Aprils will be out ...
Hanky Dress Dotty

Hanky Dress – Dotty Pack

Hanky Dress Dotty Pack In the package you will find: Rigged mesh Hanky dress in standard sizes (5 sizes: XS, ...