About QnC

QnC History

QnC (Quaint and Curious) Originally opened it’s doors May, 2007 in Second Life.  We were located at Rendervisions Isle and Marmalade.  We were a conglomeration of 5 people rallying under one shop.

Founding Members:

  1. Bri McMahon (Currently Active)
  2. Kayle Flanagan (Currently Active)
  3. Tucosta Hotaling (Semi Active)
  4. Andy Dastardly (On Hiatus)
  5. Kattie Ninetails (Left SL as an active participant.)

QnC Today

QnC is currently being operated by Bri McMahon, Kayle Flanagan and Tristhara Magic. We are hoping that Tucosta and Andy will be back in full force and creating again.

Our main store is on Nevermore Island in Second Life.